Beanbag’s favorite way to nap is to take a mid-morning and afternoon snooze in the sunshine in his litterbox full of hay. He tucks his paws in and snuggles down into the hay and puffs up his fur to catch the warmth of the sun. Our front room where the bunnies live is very sunny so his fur gets nice and toasty warm. His eyes close most of the way and his nose is still. His ears stay flat down against his head unless a noise catches his attention, then he’ll lift one ear and turn it toward the offending sound to see if he should bother caring enough to get up and investigate.


At a bit over 7 years of age, it is definately his perrogative to take a nice snooze in the sunshine. We’re moving tomorrow (we just bought our first house!) and the bunnies will have a bedroom all to themselves. We made sure the room we chose for them was the one at the front of the house so they will still get lots of sunshine. I’m looking forward to watching Beanbag migrate across the room, following the warm, sunny spots on the wood floor. (My first rabbit, April, used to do this on lazy Saturday afternoons. You could watch him move from couch to carpet to shading plant as the day went by. It was wonderful.)