Matt and I were thinking this evening about rabbit names.

Why is it that you always think of the really good names when you are just throwing ideas around and yet when you really need a name for a new bunny, you just draw a total blank?

So I think we should start a list of rabbit names! Leave me comments to this post suggesting over-used names, horribly bad names, and truly clever names to give to a bunny. I’ll start the ball rolling with a couple ideas of my own:

Over-used names:
Bunbun, Oreo, Thumper, Flopsy, Peter, Harvey, Babs, Buster, Bugs, Nutmeg, Lucky

Horrible Names:
Stu (Or Stew!), Hasenpheffer, Princess

Good Names:
Charlotte, Mortimer, Duncan, McGee, Babbit, Abbott, Edgar, Sadie, Sophie, Wallace

Add your names to the list by posting a comment here. When we’re done, I’ll put the list of names up as a new page along with the instructions for the blog. Then none of us will ever draw a blank again when trying to name a bunny!