Quentin was transferred last weekend from the MSPCA to HRN because he wasn’t thriving at the MSPCA. Well Quentin couldn’t get out of there fast enough! He left in a card board carrier on March 25 but not before leaving a nice wet puddle on the floor to let the nice people at the MSPCA know exactly what he thought of them. Silly bunny hadn’t quiet figured out how lucky he was to have been brought there after running lose in the streets of Revere.

We got in the car and Quentin was happy as can be. I opened up half of the carrier and Quentin the fearless bunny spent the next 15 minutes on his hind legs with his front paws and head (and huge gray gorgeous ears) out of the carrier so he could look out the window, check out this strange large creature who helped him in his MSPCA break, and sniff around at that funny mix of dog, bunny, and people smells in my car. At one point I hit the breaks and he slipped back down into the carrier, thumped to express his annoyance with my driving abilities, and climbed back up for a better view.

Confident that I was not taking him back to the MSPCA, Quentin then decided that his cardboard carrier was simple not properly arranged and proceeded to dig at the hay until it was all on one side and them flop down on the plain cardboard. Unable to resist a flopped bun, I reached in there to steal a quick head pet and bun rub. He didn’t mind at all and stayed there flopped for the rest of the trip.

Once at Suzanne’s house (AKA the bunny hotel) I took Quentin out of the carrier and snuggled him for half an hour. He holds great and trances easily. Don’t tell him, but he looked pretty funny upside down in my arms mouth slightly open, eyes close, and huge back foot sticking out. I didn’t want to let him go but eventually I put him in his cage. He was none to fond of the idea and thump thump thumped to let us all know about it.

After giving Quentin some time to get more comfortable with his new surroundings, I went in for another hold, snuggle and trance to which he didn’t object at all. Content that Quentin was adjusting nicely I put him down, grabbed my things, and shot out of there as fast as I could. Had I stayed a minute longer Quentin would have taken the record for briefest stay at HRN and been adopted by me!

Good luck finding a new home Quinten. I’m sure someone (besides me) will fall in love with all of that personality quickly!
-Jessica: HRN Member-