My bunny Eve really likes Bob Dylan. A boyfriend I had when Eve was a young bunny played her Bob Dylan often. I don’t like the guy’s voice (Bob’s), but, to each their own.

Anyway–I really do have a purpose to the title of this post. I wanted to write about how my two rabbits have changed since they are now bonded. If you remember, Eve was a single-bun for a long, long time, until my renting situation changed enough that I could have two rabbits. I really think bonded pairs (or more, if you prefer) are the way to go, though, I admit to being skeptical. For one thing, I was so ‘in love’ with Eve that I didn’t want her to be one of *two* bunnies, I wanted her to be special. But she is anyway–and she is definitely happier with her buddy Dorian.

How has Eve changed? Well, it has all been really positive! For one thing, she still loves my husband and I. She loves grooming us (bunny kisses), following us around and generally worshiping us, that is, assuming we worship her properly. All of the good aspects of her wonderful personality have remained.

What is different? Well, she seems more relaxed now. I see her lounging around the livingroom much more. Dorian loves to stretch out in “long bunny” pose, and she follows suit. In fact, last night I caught her mimicking Dorian’s pose, however, I think she forgot to stick out her other leg. I have never seen her like this and boy is it funny!


Eve seems to get into less trouble–instead, Dorian and her embark on projects; ripping up a phonebook, chewing up the wicker tent, throwing cardboard around…all very positive bunny activities.

The biggest changes, of course, have been in Dorian. I think he knows now that he finally has a forever home. When we brought him home, he was sulky, moody and often unpleasant. He lunged at us when we tried to pet him…he never bit us and we tried not to be afraid of a 3lb. dwarf…but it was disheartening to hear him grunt. I can’t say this agression has totally gone away; it hasn’t. But he does this rarely now. He absolutely loves Eve, so if she does something, he does it too…this includes chasing games and begging for treats. It also helps that she is so friendly–Dorian sees us positively reinforcing friendliness in Eve and approaches us more and more. He often comes right up to us for pets, then realizes that he is a scared bunny and doesn’t actually want to be pet. But, it is progress.

I had posted before about Dorian’s litterbox training issues. For those of you that want to know…yes, he has improved. In fact, we haven’t had a pee accident in 2 weeks! Since we got another litterbox, there has only been ONE puddle on the floor. Poops continue to show up on the floor and I have realized recently that some are actually Eve’s…she is a bad bun for doing what he has. But the poops are becoming less, I believe. So, again, we have progress.

We are learning that not only can love and good treatment from humans help a shy or aggressive bunny, love from a kind bunny companion makes a huge difference.

Lastly, to add some humor, my husband made paper hats for the bunnies yesterday. He also put one on Eve’s head…she was less than amused. But they did have fun throwing them around…


-Rachel: HRN Member/Volunteer