It’s hard to imagine that just about 6 months ago, TigerLily along with her 6 babies came into our rescue from Canada. TigerLily has since been adopted and is living the plush life with two friends (one being another angora from the Great Angora Rescue)! One of her kids, Maple, is now doing the same and has two friends as well!

Now… it’s Klondike, Molson, Yukon, Eskimo and Newfie’s turn!

Eskimo & Molson: These two outgoing sisters would make a fantastic addition to the right home. They are incredibly playful and curious and have no qualms about saying hello with a friendly nose bonk. Molson is very silly and particularly likes jumping on her foster mom’s back. She also has the best helicopter ears! Eskimo is the diva of the pair and loves posing for the camera with her beautiful, long eyelashes. This tightly bonded pair can often been seen grooming each other and would be best suited to a free-range or x-pen home because of their active lifestyle. Because of their beautiful angora fur, they also need a home that will be willing to put the time and effort in to keep their coats tame. You can read more about Eskimo, Molson and their siblings here:

Yukon & Newfie will bring a smile to anyone’s face. This playful pair is incredibly friendly and loves running around, getting into trouble. Newfie is the mischievous sister and is always looking for a way to escape the bunny room. She also loves water…she will fall asleep in her bowl sometimes! Yukon loves people and runs over to the edge of the pen for affection, preemptively smooshing down for pets. These two are very active youngsters and would do best in a home that kept them free-range or in an x-pen. Because of their beautiful angora fur, they need a home that will be willing to put the time and effort in to keep their coats tame. You can read more about Yukon, Newfie, and their siblings here:

And last but certainly not least, Klondike: Klondike is a incredibly sweet, shy boy who is just starting to come out of his shell. He will be a fantastic rabbit for someone who is willing to give him lots of love and exercise time. Once you earn his trust, he rewards you with the best binkies! He has great litter box habits and is particularly fond of hiding in piles of soft blankets. Because he’s a bit timid, he would likely do best in a quiet home. He has shown a keen interest in other rabbits and could be a wonderful bondmate. He has already stolen his foster parents’ hearts and will likely steal yours. Because of his beautiful angora fur, he needs a home that will be willing to put the time and effort in to keep his coat tame. You can read more about Klondike and siblings here:

If you are interested in Klondike or his sisters, please call us at 781.431.1211 or email us at Pairs and Trios can NOT be separated and must be adopted together. Bonded buns are very much attached to each other and would grieve the loss of their mate.