I knew I didn’t want a cat; I’m just not a cat person. A dog was out of the question due to apartment living. So, the moment I saw Timothy Bunny, I knew he was the friend for me. Timmy is a small 3lb rex who was sitting in a little cage at the pet store. At that time I didn’t know that adopting a bunny was an option, and anyway I felt bad for him. So, home we went. I thought I was doing him a favor, and taking one more animal out of the sad world of the pet shop. From years of being an animal rights activist, I knew not to buy a pet from the pet store, but I just couldn’t leave him there: and, I thought “hey, one less bunny stuck in the pet shop!” But, to my dismay, a few weeks later, there were four rabbits in his place! So, here you are reading my story, and you are in the perfect place to find a rabbit that really needs a home. Adopting a rabbit will give that rabbit a home, you and your family will have a great companion, and you will help stop the pet stores from cycling the rabbits in and out. Timothy has been my best friend for over a year now, and I thank the House Rabbit Network for their knowledge and companionship. Everything you need to know about rabbits can be found here, or they will help you find your way to an answer. So, give a rabbit a home. Think adoption first. Timmy Bunny thanks you!