Troy, HRN’s cute little nine months old foster bunny, is very much like his namesake, Troy Brown of the New England Patriots. Unimpressive at first glance, he will change your mind once you get to know him, just like Troy Brown has done with NFL fans for the past 15 years. Quick, agile, humble and loveable, yup that’s our “Troy boys” all right!

The big difference with HRN’s Troy is that he is just at the beginning his career. He has many “seasons” left to perform his binkies and flops for his fans. He loves to hang out too, sitting with them for pets and scritches.

Like most rabbits, Troy is full of natural curiosity. He will entertain you just by watching him explore his area. Off he goes with his sniffer in full scan mode to investigate all that comes across his path. He’ll stop to chin or nose objects one minute and then be standing up on his hindquarters trying to see, smell or hear where he should go, the next.

This snuggly, cuddly guy just wants to be part of a team of his own. He’d like that “team” to be a “forever loving home” where he could spend his career entertaining his fans just like Troy Brown has. So come off the sidelines and get in the game. By making our boy Troy your #1 draft pick, you will have scored, big time!