Special thanks to HRN foster parents, Liz and Matt, for their contribution to this blog posting.


Truffle is a girl with attitude! She’s a great bun with LOTS of personality – no shrinking violet here. An experienced rabbit owner who will not be intimidated by her spunkiness may be a good match for Truffy. Once she knows that you aren’t going to fall for her drama, Truffle is a real sweetie and very well behaved. She’d probably do best as a single bun with a low-key, non-aggressive dog as a companion. Being fearless, she may get into trouble when she refuses to back down in a challenge.


Although independent, Truffle does love attention and, actually, enjoys being held and petted, a rare combination. She has impeccable litter habits and would be great as a free-range bun if she had enough stimulation to keep her entertained: cardboard boxes, paper towel rolls, willow or straw baskets, plastic baby keys or slinkies, etc.


Truffle, a 5 lb. Brittania Petite, is a strikingly stunning bunny: her beautiful deep brown fur is luxuriously soft and glossy, and her big dark eyes can make even the toughest heart melt.


All that this dynamo is missing in her life is a forever loving home, which is something that YOU can change! Why not call the Hotline at 781-431-1211 to chat with an adoption counselor about our little spitfire, Truffle, and see if you are the one for her!