The HRN shelter had two adoptions within days of each other this week. Buttons and Chuck went to their forever homes, and we assume their new families are already in love with them.

Currently still at the shelter are Buttons’ brother, Wooley, and Chuck’s brother, Simon. Simon and Wooley are two of the shelter’s cuddliest bunnies, and FYI they’re both available for adoption.

Wooley, HRN shelter bun

Wooley, HRN shelter bun, is available for adoption. Photo by Tess, who is not.

Simon, HRN shelter bun.

Available for adoption: Simon, HRN shelter bun. Photo by Tess, HRN shelter volunteer.

Much less exciting but still important is the bunny “grooming” table that the shelter acquired this week. Not originally designed for bunnies or for grooming, this secondhand end table has been repurposed. Its surface is big enough to perch a bunny on, and having the bunny on a table instead of the floor should make brushing a little easier for the volunteers.

HRN volunteer Lauren and HRN volunteer Simon take the grooming table for a spin. One of them is not having fun.

HRN volunteer Lauren and HRN shelter bun Simon take the grooming table for a spin. One of them is not having fun.

Brushing is super-important at this time of year especially, when the bunnies are busy shedding their winter coats. At times it’s as if we have big tumbleweeds of fur drifting around the bun room, with all the brushing we have to do. Hopefully we’ll find that this table makes it a little easier to keep up with it.

And the bunnies? Rather less appreciative.