Wes, whose favorite player on the Patriots is a certain Mr. Welker, is a lanky, handsome young boy who is a pleasure to meet.

As is the case with young buns, he is a little shy at first, but his natural curiosity takes over quickly and before you know it, he is hopping about, crawling over obstacles, and chinning his scent on every possible spot; a rather gentle soul at heart and quite cooperative. Being only four months old, he rarely slows down when given an opportunity for some playtime, but when that occasional respite occurs, he definitely enjoys lots of snuggles and pets. His fur is silky soft and he has the athletic build of a runner, not an ounce of fat on this guy. His large, expressive ears let you know that he still has some more growing to do to fill out that youthful frame.

While HRN’s Wes is a quick, energetic performer like his Patriot namesake, he is different in that he is a “rookie” and not an established player. As Wes Welker would probably tell you himself, a rookie needs a break to succeed.

HRN’s Wes needs the break of a family deciding to make him a permanent addition to their forever loving home. So how about giving our boy Wes a break, and taking him home with you today!