Our 3 buns seem to have decided that their condo is the most marvelous place in the world and they don’t care to come out to play. (Thanks, Stephanie & Rachel, our bunnies really do love the place to pieces.) Now, I’ll admit that we also took up the giant 8×10 livingroom rug for the summer, so they don’t have all that traction. But hey, I got them a smaller 5×7 rug, that doesn’t count as a good spot to romp? I considered getting one of those woven grass or bamboo rugs, but I know it would just be automatic bunny food.

Echo and Lookout seem to love racing around together. Their relationship seems to have developed into one of older and younger sister. When in their cage, they can frequently be found flopped together on the bottom floor in the shade, Lookout using Echo’s flank as a pillow. I really have to get pictures, its priceless, especially after all the time we spent working on getting Lookout socialized. Don’t let yourself think that Beanbag is being left out, he’s getting his fair share of cuddly moments too. I always smile when I walk into the sun room and find the three of them piled together at the bottom of the second floor ramp, chilling out and grooming.

Holly is having a grand time as well. She’s becoming more comfortable with her life in our home. She’s gotten time to run around regularly and spends most of her time these days with her ears up rather than down. (This is a big improvement for a scared little bunny.) She stretches out in one of her two litterboxes (the one I have taken to calling her “safety box”, like a kid with a safety blankie), she leans her chin against the edge and drowses in the late day sun. When she’s out, she is very curious about what we are doing. She even tried to type by coming over and standing with her front paws on the edge of Matt’s laptop the other day. Its so good to see her becoming more active that I almost hate to discipline her when she does something wrong. Hopefully we will continue to see her coming out of her shell as she regains more of her trust in people.