Watson is named after the Patriots’ young tight end, Ben Watson. Although they may not share many physical attributes, both these ‘up and comers’ are poised to make their mark.

Watson, a sweetie, will absolutely steal your heart. Only five months old, this little guy has boundless energy to burn! Given the chance to be out and about, he definitely capitalizes on the opportunity! Initially, he will dash off like a blur, and then stop on a dime, thanks to those snowshoe – like rear feet. You might see him popping up on his tippy toes to scan and sniff his surrounding area to figure out where to explore next.

He will dash over to a pillow to burrow a tunnel behind it with that perfect little nose. Or he might push the toys around with his front paws. Then again, he is not opposed to giving a toy a good toss with his teeth, either! Nosing around, chinning everything, he is a delight to behold.

Of course, all that activity means that our boy Watson needs some rest too. He will gladly spend his down time near you really enjoying it, if you give him pets and snuggles. He is OK with being held and cuddled as well, but as soon as he feels rested, he will squirm away to some new adventure. Just like a little kid. This is exactly what Watson is, in bunny years, that is! And this ‘little kid’ is an orphan.

Well YOU can change THAT! Just open your heart and your loving home to this adorable boy and we know he will bring you a lifetime of happiness.