Because they’re waiting for a home with you!!! Won’t you adopt a “red, white & blue” bun? These big white bunnies are often overlooked time and time again due to their ruby red eyes. It’s such a shame too, as they are probably some of the most docile, loving , yet silly and charasmatic buns there are. Once you have a big white bun, you’ll wonder why you didn’t adopt one sooner.

This summer we are hoping to adopt out lots of our Big White Bunnies because they would love a home to call their own. Many of our “red, white & blue” buns are from the Fitchburg rescue.

Please take a look at who is available for adoption and then call our Hotline at 781-431-1211. Loving homes needed!!!

Mabel – 7 lbs, 2 years, Mini-lop
Mabel is a rabbit who always lets you know where you stand with her. IF you are in her way or she thinks you are “bothering” her, you may get a healthy bunny grunt and/or a lunge. Yet this same little girl will melt into a cuddly, furry puddle when you pet her, that is if she is in the mood for it! Yes, Mabel has “personality Plus”, and if you enjoy a little girl that can both challenge and charm you, she’s the one for you. Come see her and find out for yourself!
Pauline – 6 lbs, DOB 1-06, Florida White
Pauline is looking for that forever home to love her! She is a friendly bunny who is gentle. Pauline is one of the Fitchburg buns.
April – 7 lbs, DOB 8-06, New Zealand
April is a big, beautiful bunny. She is always looking around and loves to play. She enjoys her pets and quickly settles down for attention.
Dominic – 4.5 lbs, DOB: 3-06, Mix
Dominic is an absolute ball of laughs. He is very energetic and playful but wears himself out very quickly and collapses in his cage. He loves attention and loves to be pet and does not mind being held. He has beautiful white fur, pretty pink ears, and excellent litter box habits.
Felix – 6 lbs, DOB: 9-06, Florida White
Felix is a handsome white boy. He is curious and likes to sleep in his litter box.
Gracie – 4 lbs, DOB: 9-06, Florida White
Gracie is a spunky girl who likes to run and play. She loves snuggle sessions and quickly puts her head down for pats.
Naomi – 4 lbs, DOB: 9-06, Himalayan
Naomi is a pretty Himalayan rabbit, meaning she has a dark nose, ears and tail.
Polly – 6 lbs, DOB: 1-06, New Zealand
She is shy but sweet.
Sadie – 5 lbs, DOB: 6-06, New Zealand
Sadie has an eye infection which resulted in her needing to have that eye removed. Besides from that, she is a sweet, normal bun who likes her raisins and has good litter box habits!
Marla – 5 lbs, DOB 3-06, Dwarf Mix
Marla was a stray in Marlboro. She quickly smushes down for pets and really enjoys the attention. She is a nice, gentle, bunny. Very sweet.
Punky – 4 lbs, 1 year, Hotot/Dwarf
Punky is an energetic bunny who loves to shred cardboard. She enjoys attention, is playful and a bit demanding when it comes to her pellets. She has beautiful blue eyes.
Blake – 5 lbs, DOB: 12-06, Florida White
Blake is a gentle boy who is very timid. He would do best in a quiet home that will let him adjust to his new surroundings and let him get used to things. Blake is one of the Fitchburg bunnies.