I am going to tell you why people should adopt – or at the very least – get involved.

Moonie Boy

I am going to get a bit serious here. When you adopt from a rescue (like HRN) or a shelter – it saves the life of a bunny. This issue is avoided / ignored / unknown by many people. If you are at this blog – then you are probably aware of this important fact. Every time a bunny is bred for sale, a shelter rabbit dies. There is only so much space and demand. It is sad- but it is why I do everything I can to help the discarded bunnies of this world.

For every domesticated animal – there exist rescues and transport networks. These have the goal of moving animals in high risk situations to safety. I recently read a book that I highly recommend (it is an easy read and you can plow through it in afternoon) :
Fifteen Legs: When all that stands between death and freedom is a ride by Bonnie Silva.
It was given to me by another rescue friend in the ‘bunderground railroad‘. Yes, there is a ‘bunderground railroad’. My friend is in the book – as one of the stories. I’ve now been part of 3 transports and it is a beautiful thing.

So let me tell you about the latest one that I was part of…

I was poking around on the internet and somehow I ended up on the upstate NY HRS site. Up at the top of the page there was a very sad picture of a bunny in horrendous condition and a link to the full story. Basically, there was an animal abuse case outside of buffalo where 46 rabbits (and other animals – like birds) were rescued and legal charges were pressed against the woman. The bunnies were living on top of each other, and feces and urine dropped from the upper bunnies to the bottom bunnies. Ears were infected, one leg was broken, 2 dead bunnies were found, food dishes were also filled with feces and urine. This is all a sad reality in the world of animal abuse cases.

Here is a link to the story at the Erie County SPCA: Buffalo area abuse case
So, the bunderground railroad and rabbit rescues all over got involved to place these animals. House Rabbit Network took in 4 of the bunnies — Miko, Hoppel, Casey, and Captain Mooncake. Casey is still receiving extra TLC from his fosterhome – but the others are ready to be adopted.

Captain [McBinkerson] Mooncake is in fostercare at my house. Captain Mooncake was a ‘bottom bun’. In the place he was rescued from – he was kept in the bottom of that stack of bunnies. The poor little boy still is urine stained (though it is looking so much better). In spite of his sad beginnings — he is one of the happiest, most grateful bunnies I have ever known. On his first day home, he ran around my livingroom doing the most joyous binkies. After all that he had been through, he still was able to make this tremendous expression of pure bunny bliss. My husband had been annoyed that I went all the way to Springfield to pick up ‘yet another bunny’. My husband is not a fan of the bunnies. Well, mostly it is that he is not a fan of the fact that he loses time with me – to bunnies. My husband was watching this poor, urine stained bunny jump around with joy and he actually was brought to tears. He said ‘I did a very good thing’. :) It really is impossible to look at Captain without being filled with joy.

Here is his picture that was on the abuse news story and another that was sent to me by the NYHRS connection:

those stains were bad. But, they are definitely growing out quickly! Here is his 1-week in my home pic:

what a cutie!

He’s now been here a couple of weeks. He is really enjoying his life of leisure. He binkies when I come home! We play chase. He tosses around his toys. He’s got pretty good litter habits already. What is not to love? :)

And here is some video of him exploring a few weeks ago: Youtube video