Wilbur 3.25 lbs, DOB 05-2013

Wilbur is a feisty young puffball who loves people and attention. He will lick you and groom you and will tooth purr when he receives facial rubs. He can be a bit nippy if you try to pat him when he is eating and makes a little grunt. This is just part of his lively personality. He is better suited to older kids or adults that understand when to give him space. He is active and needs plenty of space to be happy so an ex pen or free range would be best. He loves Dandelions and needs a little help with eating more hay. He uses a litter box fairly well. He was found hanging around a family chicken coop so has not had the love and attention he deserves though he still has plenty of love to give. Please give Wilbur the home he so deserves.