Samara, a lovely little Dutch, managed to charm all the HRN volunteers in less than a week.

Samara, a lovely little Dutch, managed to charm all the shelter volunteers in less than a week.

After a very brief stay with us at the shelter, Samara went to her (hopefully) forever home with a new husbun today! It’s something of a heartwarming story.

Peanuts was born half-blind and with deformities in his feet, and he spent the first part of his life cruelly isolated and neglected. Despite all this, he is a very good bunny and he clearly wanted a friend, but understandably, he had some social rough spots. He went on dates with several of the girls at our shelter today, but his way of getting to know the other bunnies always came across to them as aggression. Most of them thought he was trying to pick a fight, and so they started to fight back, and most of the dates ended pretty quickly after that.

But Samara instinctively understood him. She was wonderfully patient with him, even when he jumped over her and thumped on her head! Similarly, she knew when to back off and give him his space. It was clear from the start that she liked him, because when she wasn’t getting to know him she was racing around the pen doing crazy, non-stop binkies! It was also clear that despite his awkwardness, Peanuts liked her, too.

Less than fifteen minutes after Samara left with her new family, I got a text from the adopter informing me that Peanuts and Samara were already snuggling together in their carrier. I think Samara is going home to an extraordinary bunny friendship! Fingers crossed!