He loves to snuggle!

He loves to snuggle! He will jump up on the couch after he's tired of exploring and plop down next to you for pets. Or if there are multiple people on the couch, he will hop from person to person. Watch out, if you don't pay attention to him he will nudge you!

UPDATE! 2009-09-24:


I have been fostering Wes for several months now . Wes is about 1.5 years old, and is a neutered dwarf mix with a lovely soft black coat tinged with brown. I was told he fathered over 30 baby bunnies before he came to HRN. Wes has the best of both bunny worlds, because he is very lively and curious but also loves to snuggle. When I let him out of his ex-pen, he will happily explore my living room and kitchen and sometimes will race around and binkie until he is tired out (he is hilarious to watch!). He likes to play, and will toss his head and binkie for joy if you chase him. His favorite spot is on the sofa. He will often hop up  for an hour at a time and smush down for pats right next to you. He enjoys watching tv, too! He tolerates being held and picked up, although like all bunnies this is not his favorite thing. His one vice is that he gently nips when you don’t pay attention to him,  and he loves to “fight” with unoccupied shoes. He is accustomed to a relatively noisy house and tv, and has been socialized with many people. Recently he has started grooming his favorite people- such a sweet boy! He is very well litterbox trained, and will hop back into his pen to go potty rather than go in the living room or kitchen. I think Wes would also be a good bonding candidate for a mature, spayed female rabbit. He’s a good boy who would make a wonderful, outgoing pet for almost anyone willing to give him the love and attention he craves and deserves!  I hope you will come take a look at him, he is located in Somerville, MA.

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UPDATE: 2010-01-05

Wes is an exceptionally friendly and outgoing young rabbit who loves human companionship and has the softest fur! He is a very good boy who doesn’t mind being picked up and has excellent litterbox habits. He is completely healthy and has been fixed. His favorite activity is jumping up on the couch and begging for pets. After he has done his fair share of exploring, he will snuggle with you for hours while you watch the tv. He is very entertaining to watch and very curious, and he even follows me around the house! Sometimes I think he thinks he’s a dog! He is starting to come when called, and he has also started to groom me! He has virtually no bad habits, besides the fact that he is very interested in the trash can and if it is left uncovered he will grab items out of it or even jump in it. But, he is a quick learner and has learned to avoid certain areas of the house, such as near the tv (although he should still be supervised when out and cords should be made as inaccessible as possible). He loves his greens and pellets and gets very excited when it is mealtime, binkying and racing around his ex-pen.

Wes is located in Somerville, MA close to Mass Ave. He is the only bunny in his foster home, but don’t let that deter you from visiting him! He is a true gem of a rabbit and an excellent pet. Everybody who meets him loves him! If you spend time with him he very quickly bonds to you and adjusts to his new surroundings quickly. I can’t emphasize enough that this is a very special rabbit. I hope you will come over and meet this lovely sweet boy!