Radar burst into my life about a week ago with a real POP… literally. My trip to pick him up involved two flat tires! But nothing could have prepared me for the burst of personality and engergy that Radar brought into my home. Oh boy oh boy…. what a bunny!!!!!!


First, there are the ears… oh those ears! They’re probably as big as he is, and he’s a big bunny! We’re guessing that he’s going to grow up to be a pretty big boy. I think he looks a little like a kangaroo and hence his nickname… Roo! Or Roo-Roo when he’s being really cute. And sometimes Roo-dar. Herehe is sticking his tongue out at me :)

The energy is never ending. The second he’s out of his cage he starts running around and exploring everything. Radar really likes to dig…. at magazines, at the carpet, at my sweatshirt… you can tell he really loves it. Doesn’t seem to want to chew (whcih is great!) but loves the digging. I can’t wait to get a phonebook for him! Here he is going at my sweats!


Radar has done really well wih strangers so far. His personality is unlike anything I’ve seen. We go to the park near me (on a harness of course!) and everyone stops by to visit. A normal bunny would probably be shaking in its boots with all those new people…..but was Radar scared? NO WAY! Radar was jumping around and running up to meet all these people! He was climbing into their laps even. One lucky group had him exploring all over their blanket and trying to steal fruit (which he wasnt allowed because he’s sitll a little young for it). Everyone was totally in love with him. He even handled 3 kids petting him at once!!! Needless to say, I don’t think Radar would have any problems in a busy household or with children. Here he is at the park!

Radar is a crazy one to say the least. Maybe a bit of a troublemaker though… his home will need great bunnyproofing to be safe for him. His first night here he managed to jump out of his ex-pen (3 feet tall) and right up onto my kitchen sink!!! Now the ex-pen is all covered up so no more adventures for him. He has no reservations in his exploration and will not hesitate to go anywhere. He’s really a pure joy to watch but bunny proofing will be so important!! Here he is undere a table! A little blurry but you can see that cutie pie face sticking out.

Finally, Radar really really reallllllllly loves pats. That was the first thing I noticed about him and he’s only become an even bigger sucker for his pats since living with me. The bun smooshes down so low and just melts!!! It’s wonderful to pat him! You dont even need to touch him before he puts that head down for his pats…he just sees the hand coming and smooshes down in hopes of getting some pats. What a sweatheart :) Here he is smooshed down waiting…

Does Radar sound like the bun for you? He says “you don’t even need to keep the silly nicknames and long as I get some pats and binky time.” Do you have a forever home for Radar? He hopes you do and just can’t wait to meet you!


~HRN Foster mom- Katie