HRN member Robin recently had a visit with one of our new bunnies, Yoshi. Here is her experience with this handsome little guy:

“Yoshi is a love! Some bunnies are skittish when a
stranger approaches – but not Yoshi! He is sits nice
and still, happy to have someone give him some
attention and pats. I fell in love with him instantly.

He has pretty dark eyes, chubby cheeks and a cute
round body, characteristic of Netherland Dwarfs. I
believe he is a mix of dwarf and something else. His
fur is so soft and he enjoys being held, cuddled,
kissed and stroked. He acted like a happy little baby
in my arms! For a smaller bun, he sure is a brave
little one, happily tolerating my handling of him.

His sweet nature would make him a popular member of a
loving family. I have spent time with many buns – and
I must say Yoshi is one of the sweetest!”