Special thanks go out to HRN volunteer, Lorna, for all her help with this blog posting!

Wow, am I having fun binkying in the playroom at my foster mom’s house! By the way, let me introduce myself, I am Taloolah and the cute black lop you see in some of the other pictures is my sister, Zia. This is the BEST when we are at play. I mean, so many fun things to do like dashing in and out of the cardboard tube, playing with all the toys strewn about, or just sitting around chewing on cardboard boxes! Somebody that was visiting called me a “mountain goat” ‘cause I have fun climbing up on couches, chairs, boxes and most anything – the name made me giggle.

My foster mom is soooo sweet. She is really patient with us. You see, unfortunately, in the past we have been moved around a lot for various reasons, so we have had to look to each other for comfort. However, gradually, we are working through our shyness issues. Little by little, we are reaching out and trusting. We are feeling a sense of empowerment, like when we began accepting papaya and carrots from my foster mom’s hands. Kudos to us! And we will tolerate being held but we are just not loving it yet. I am getting more snuggly and when my foster mom pets me, it sort of tickles so I groom myself at the same time – she thinks this is really funny :) Zia, my sister, is very gentle and loves her running time. Honestly, a home of our own would be so satisfying now with someone who is kind and gentle and who would love us for who we are.

“Ya know, I’m not crazy with the “being picked up” deal, so can I PLEASE get back down now???”

I was just wondering. Is it possible for a cute bunny to have “puppy dog eyes”? What do you think?

“Hey, Zia.” “Yeah, Taloolah?” “Maybe if we put our heads together, we can figure out how to look really cute for a picture.” “I think we just did!”

“Hay, it’s not just for breakfast anymore!”

“And, oh yes, parsley is one of my favorite food groups too!”

“C’mon folks, somebody out there must be looking for a couple of cute bunnies like us! How about calling the Hotline at 781-431-1211 or e-mailing info@rabbitnetwork.org and a human will get back to you.”